Although our industry has made some headway, we are still continuing to fight to eliminate competitive bidding. I urge everyone to put an effort into building support for H.R. 3790. As providers and members of the DME industry, it is our obligation to get involved to change our future!

It is important that we contact the representatives that are not co-sponsoring the bill. Let them know how it will affect you and your patients. This will reduce beneficiary's access to HME providers and the quality of services they receive. With the decrease in providers, deliveries will take longer. This could actually cause patients to be in the hospital longer, which will drive up healthcare costs, the very thing they are trying to bring down!

If they are so concerned about unemployment rates, they need to be in support of H.R. 3790. During Round One of competitive bidding, 80 to 90 % of HME providers would have been barred from the Medicare program. A significant amount of jobs will be lost if competitive bidding is implemented.

Please contact us if you would like to become more involved in the fight. We can provide you with more information and lists of those in favor and those we need to persuade.


The Healthcare Reform Bill proposes the expand Round 2 of national competitive bidding to another 21 cities. I have always been against competitive bidding and this was , in my opinion a major blow for our industry. I think competitive bidding will put many small providers out of business and hurt Medicare beneficiaries. Here is the interesting thing: another bill, H.R. 3790 would go against this. H.R. 3790 would actually repeal national competitive bidding!! The industry has a majority of the House of Representatives behind H.R. 3790. This is huge and we should be proud that our industry was able to get so many co-sponsors. I urge everyone to continue to get co-sponsors for this. What happens now is the Congressional Budget Office needs to tell us how much the bill will cost. After we get this, the bill will move to the floor. I know it is making us all become more educated in how the government works and it can become confusing. The bottom line is if competitive bidding will negatively affect your business, you need to be active in the politics behind it and push legislators to get involved. We need to let them know how this will hurt us.